End of Summer

It is quiet now in my little garden. As the summer slowly closes, songbirds are either silent or have gone south to warmer climates. I can only hear the mournful sound of doves and hummingbird chirps. My beloved hummingbirds are still with us, but even their numbers are dwindling. I will keep filling the feeders until they leave, hoping they will remember our garden and come back in the spring.

New Mexico is truly the land of enchantment, and Santa Fe is the City Different. The place is magical to the casual visitor, but to me, this land has unfolded into something truly spiritual. The sky changes so often it is breathtaking to behold. Right now, we are in another monsoon period of intense rainfall that always begins with gusty winds as the clouds build in the fierce blue sky, and there is a foreboding excitement. Then I hear the crack of thunder and lightning dazzles the clouds. Rain soon follows along with the scent of petrichor and damp sage.

I welcome the rain in this land of enchantment.