Artists spend years learning their craft with classes and practice, university degrees, personal courses, speaking to other artists. Once you get to a specific technical level, then the tough questions come up. What to paint?  Colors? Message? No message? The subject matter becomes the issue. Finding your subject is the hardest part, not the technical stuff. 

What I have learned during this process are several things. I put my art before myself. I work at keeping myself out of the process; my ego is not essential. What is vital is keeping true to your vision from start to finish. I try very hard not to worry if a piece will sell; what I do worry about is giving people joy. 

My studio is for solitude; that is why I live in New Mexico on the edge of the desert, looking out towards the mountains and the immense sky. All artists live by their perception, so one's mind must be quiet and cheerful. I paint my best when I follow these ideals. It doesn't always happen, but as I practice, I get better.

For me, beauty illustrates happiness, a brilliant blue sky, pink shadows at sunset, hummingbirds flying from tree to tree, the cries of coyotes at night. These visions speak of happiness and the order of life; each is different and illustrates a different kind of joyous beauty. And, beauty is the mystery of life.